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With the popularity of GSM network, GSM terminal equipments are not only used in traditional voice communications, but also be applied in control area more and more widely. Firstly, some typical GSM-based applications and Siemens's cellular engine TC35 are introduced. The principles of SMS-based remote control system are discussed thoroughly, as well as(More)
In order to improve the tracking performances of a target with multiple motion models and a high level of maneuvering, this paper proposes a modified maneuver target tracking algorithm (i.e. MIMM-CSRF) based on the traditional Interacting Multiple Model Centralized Shifted Rayleigh Filter (IMM-CSRF) algorithm. A two-stage acceleration correction method(More)
The quality of images often is affected adversely by illumination and contrast,leading to the need for illumination compensation in image enhancement. The main objective of this paper is to describe how to correct the local contrast in different area of the image so that the invisible features in the dark and bright areas are brought out and made visible to(More)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal plays an important role in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. However, ECG signal is very faint and always affected by a variety of noise in the process of collecting. How to eliminate the noise effectively is an important issue and has been widely studied for many years. In this paper, we propose a new ECG de-noising(More)
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