Jiayi Yang

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An orthogonal designed experiment was used to investigate the effects of sulfite pretreatment on the components separation and saccharification of wheat straw. The process involved sulfite pretreatment of wheat straw under acidic conditions followed by mechanical size reduction using a high consistency refiner. Reaction temperature, retention time, and(More)
Novel cellulose–chitosan nanocomposite particles with spherical shape were successfully prepared via mixing of aqueous biopolymer solutions in three different ways. Macroparticles with diameters in the millimeter range were produced by dripping cellulose dissolved in cold LiOH/urea into acidic chitosan solutions, inducing instant co-regeneration of the(More)
During the thermomechanical pulping (TMP) of spruce, hemicelluloses (mainly galactoglucomannans, GGMs) are released into the process water at relatively low concentrations that are currently impossible to efficiently recover. This paper examines the recovery of hemicelluloses precipitated from TMP process water via solubility reduction by adding(More)
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