Jiayi Xu

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Providing interactive control is a hot topic in crowd-navigation research. Here, the authors propose a simple but effective way for authoring a crowd scene. With their governing tool, users can easily drive the flow of crowds by sketching velocities on anchor points in the scene. This approach is fast enough to allow on-the-fly modification of vector fields.
We propose a novel shape-constrained flock animation system for interactively controlling flock navigation in virtual environments. This system is capable of making the spatial distribution of a flock meet static or deforming shape constraints while performing flock simulation. Such a capability can find many applications in the entertainment industry.(More)
Interactive control is one of the key issues when simulating crowd navigation in virtual environment. In this paper, we propose a simple but practical method for authoring crowd scenes in an effective and intuitive way. Radial Basis Functions (RBF) based vector field is employed as the governing tool to drive the motion flow. With this basic mathematical(More)
Understanding co-occurrence in urban human mobility (i.e. people from two regions visit an urban place during the same time span) is of great value in a variety of applications, such as urban planning, business intelligence, social behavior analysis, as well as containing contagious diseases. In recent years, the widespread use of mobile phones brings an(More)
The benefits of novel oral anticoagulants are hampered by bleeding. Since coagulation factor IX (fIX) lies upstream of fX in the coagulation cascade, and intermediate levels have been associated with reduced incidence of thrombotic events, we evaluated the viability of fIXa as an antithrombotic target. We applied translational(More)
Batteries are commonly used as the power source of present underwater sensors of ocean buoys. However, batteries need to be frequently replaced, which is costly. To implement the real-time power supply for a buoy's underwater sensor, a new inductively coupled power transfer (ICPT) system that consists of two couplers and a closed cable is proposed in this(More)