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Large scale artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been widely used in data processing applications. The recurrent neural network (RNN) is a special type of neural network equipped with additional recurrent connections. Such a unique architecture enables the recurrent neural network to remember the past processed information and makes it an expressive model(More)
Intersection control plays very important roles in the urban traffic. However, most intersection control using stationary signal-timing plan. It is very hard to get the optimal signal-timing plan based on the real traffic condition. In this paper, a novel agent-based intersection control method for urban traffic is proposed. All the urban traffic entities(More)
Run-time binary packers are used in malware manufacturing to obfuscate the contents of the executable files. Such packing has proved an obstacle for antivirus software that relies on signatures, as the binary contents of packed malware often bears no resemblance to the original code on which the signature was generated. A naive approach, then, is to first(More)
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