Jiayao Wang

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Spatial clustering has been an active research area in Spatial Data Mining (SDM). Many methods on spatial clustering have been proposed in the literature, but few of them have taken into account constraints that may be present in the data or constraints on the clustering. In this paper, we discuss the problem of spatial clustering with obstacles constraints(More)
The aim of investigating the coordination of the complex system constituted by resources, environment, ecology, economy and society subsystems (CSR3ES), is to achieve sustainable development by: (1) describing the complicated relationships of the inner-subsystems and inter-systems; (2) designing the calculation method of the coordination degree for CSR3ES;(More)
Spatial Clustering with Obstacles Constraints (SCOC) has been a new topic in Spatial Data Mining (SDM). Spatial Obstructed Distance (SOD) is the key to SCOC. The obstacles constraint is generally ignored in computing distance between two points, and it leads to the clustering result which is of no value, so obstructed distance has a great effect upon(More)