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This paper proposes automated support for classifying reported software failures in order to facilitate prioritizing them and diagnosing their causes. A classification strategy is presented that involves the use of supervised and unsupervised pattern classification and multivariate visualization. These techniques are applied to profiles of failed executions(More)
The design and construction of navigation menus for websites have traditionally been performed manually according to the intuition of a web developer. This paper introduces a new approach, FcAWN (pronounced " fawn ") – Formal concept Analysis for Web Navigation – to assist in the design and generation of a coherent and logical navigation hierarchy for a set(More)
—To optimize and extend the lifetime of photovoltaic (PV) modules, a better understanding of the modes and rates of their degradation is necessary. Lifetime and degradation science (L&DS) is used to better understand degradation modes, mechanisms and rates of materials, components and systems in order to predict lifetime of PV modules. Statistical analytic(More)
A better understanding of the degradation modes and rates for photovoltaic (PV) modules is necessary to optimize and extend the lifetime of these modules. Lifetime and degradation science (L&DS) is used to understand degradation modes, mechanisms and rates of materials, components and systems to predict lifetime of PV modules. A PV module lifetime and(More)
Wavelet denoising methods have been proven useful for many one- and two-dimensional problems. Most existing methods can in principle be carried over to three-dimensional problems, such as the denoising of volumetric positron emission tomography (PET) images, but they may not be sufficiently flexible in allowing some regions of an image to be denoised more(More)
  • Larry Wasserman, Springer Berlin, Heidelberg New, York Barcelona, Hong Kong, London Milan +14 others
Preface There are many books on various aspects of nonparametric inference such as density estimation, nonparametric regression, bootstrapping, and wavelets methods. But it is hard to find all these topics covered in one place. The goal of this text is to provide the reader with a single book where they can find a brief account of many of the modern topics(More)
Animal studies have shown that there are cell populations only discharging phasically before a motor task and others only active tonically during holding phase of the task. How muscle fatigue influences these two types of cell populations, however, is unknown. Because the phasic neurons are only active briefly before the task but the tonic ones are active(More)
Based on recent advances in nanoscience, data science and the availability of massive real-world data-streams, the mesoscopic evolution of mesoscopic energy materials can now be more fully studied. The temporal evolution is vastly complex in time and length scales and is fundamentally challenging to scientific understanding of degradation mechanisms and(More)
In this paper, we describe two types of neuroscience problems which challenge the typical statistical models assumed for analyzing neuronal data. This offers an opportunity for new modeling and statistical inference. In the first problem, the data are spatial neural counts which are often over-dispersed and spatially correlated so that a standard Poisson(More)