Jiayang Jiang

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We examine the generic local and global rigidity of various graphs in R. We analyze two classes of graphs that satisfy Hendrickson’s conditions for generic global rigidity, yet fail to be generically globally rigid. We find a large family of bipartite graphs with d > 3, and we use a method that generates infinitely many graphs in R. Finally, we state some(More)
It is of paramount importance to develop new probes that can selectively, sensitively, accurately and rapidly detect fluoride in aqueous media and biological systems, because F(-) is found to be closely related to many health and environmental concerns. Herein, a dual-emissive conjugated polyelectrolyte P1 containing phosphorescent iridium(III) complex was(More)
The applications of conjugated polyelectrolytes in biosensing and bioimaging have attracted more and more research interests due to their excellent photophysical properties. In this work, a new series of conjugated polyelectrolytes containing long-lived phosphorescent Ir(III) complexes is designed and synthesized, which can be used for ratiometric and(More)
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