Jiaxiu Wang

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It has been demonstrated that the efficiency roll-off is generally caused by the accumulation of excitons or charge carriers, which is intimately related to the emissive layer (EML) architecture in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In this article, an efficient sandwich-type EML structure with a mixed-host EML sandwiched between two single-host EMLs(More)
We present phosphorescent WOLEDs fabricated simply by inserting an ultrathin nondoped orange layer within the blue emissive zone, where an efficient exciplex system is applied as the host. The resulting WOLED shows maximum power efficiency of 75.3 and 63.1 lm/W at the luminance of 1000 cd/m(2). The exciton density profile in the emitting layer, the(More)
Enrichment culturing of sludge taken from an industrial wastewater treatment pond led to the identification of a bacterium (Klebsiella jilinsis H. Zhang) that degrades chlorimuron-ethyl with high efficiency. Klebsiella jilinsis strain 2N3 grows with chlorimuron-ethyl as the sole nitrogen source at the optimal temperature range of 30-35 degrees C and pH(More)
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