Jiaxin Zhao

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To evaluate the effects of different preservation methods (stored in a -20°C ice chest, preserved in liquid nitrogen and dried in silica gel) on inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) or random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analyses in various botanical specimens (including broad-leaved plants, needle-leaved plants and succulent plants) for different times(More)
An idealized model consisting of a thermal conductor and a thermal insulator separated by a thin layer of lubricating fluid is developed to investigate thermoelastic instability with fluid lubrication. The governing equations are solved for the critical speed. A new dimensionless parameter H0 is defined to predict the critical speed. Furthermore, the(More)
Schedule and cost factors are largely related to the successful performance of a complex product manufacturing or acquisitions processes. Nonetheless, traditional statistics methods cannot effectively meet the requirement of the complex product management. In this paper, the Weibull distribution with modified least squares estimation (LSE) method is(More)
This paper deals with the effects of friction material properties on thermoelastic instability (TEI) and the associated dominant deformation mode. Both analytical and finite element models are constructed for determining the variation of the critical speed and the dominant TEI mode. Some important factors, e.g. the nonconductive friction material as well as(More)
Polariton lasing is the coherent emission arising from a macroscopic polariton condensate first proposed in 1996. Over the past two decades, polariton lasing has been demonstrated in a few inorganic and organic semiconductors in both low and room temperatures. Polariton lasing in inorganic materials significantly relies on sophisticated epitaxial growth of(More)
286 Abstract Pb1_xSrx (ZrO.S3Tio.47) 0 3 (PSZT) thin films have been fabricated on Pt/TilSi02/Si substrates by a sol-gel method combined with a rapid thermal annealing process. It is shown that the introduction of Sr+ into the PZT thin films favors the growth of (111) orientation. The orientation ratio of (111) is increased from 0.304, 0.475 to 0.849 with(More)
Modern product development becomes increasingly collaborative and parallel, which raises the need for sharing simulation resources in a multi-tenant simulation environment. However, the service requests and scheduling policies of tenants differ since system resources are shared by tenants. In order to deal with this issue, the framework of monitoring,(More)