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—Modern planetary-scale online services have massive data to transfer over the wide area network (WAN). Due to the tremendous cost of building WANs and the stringent timing requirement of distributed applications, it is critical for network operators to make efficient use of network resources to optimize data transfers. By leveraging software-defined(More)
Circulating of genotype VII Newcastle disease virus (NDV) is a great threat to the poultry industry worldwide. Virus-like particles (VLPs) are increasingly being considered as potential viral vaccines due to their safety and efficacy. In this study, we analyzed in vitro the stimulatory effects of VLPs containing the matrix and hemagglutinin-neuraminidase of(More)
In this work, we study privacy preserving trajectory sensing and query when <i>n</i> mobile entities (e.g., mobile devices or vehicles) move in an environment of <i>m</i> checkpoints (e.g, WiFi or cellular towers). The checkpoints detect the appearances of mobile entities in the proximity, meanwhile, employ the MinHash signatures to record the set of mobile(More)
Advances in wireless communication technology have enabled information exchange opportunities between moving vehicles within proximity. Potentially through such physical contacts a piece of information can diffuse to the entire network. While there has been extensive research on information diffusion in social networks, we do not know much about the spatial(More)
With the recent development of localization and tracking systems for both indoor and outdoor settings, we consider the problem of analyzing and representing the huge amount of natural trajectories from human movements that we expect to gather in the near future. In this paper we argue the topological representation, which records how a target moves around(More)
The maturing of mobile devices and systems provides an unprecedented opportunity to collect a large amount of real world human motion data at all scales. The rich knowledge contained in these data sets is valuable. In this analysis, we first study information dissemination through the physical contacts learnt from the data sets. Also, we propose the(More)
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