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The potential of forest-based bioenergy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when displacing fossil-based energy must be balanced with forest carbon implications related to biomass harvest. We integrate life cycle assessment (LCA) and forest carbon analysis to assess total GHG emissions of forest bioenergy over time. Application of the method to case(More)
Person re-identification aims to match people across non-overlapping camera views, which is an important but challenging task in video surveillance. In order to obtain a robust metric for matching, metric learning has been introduced recently. Most existing works focus on seeking a Mahalanobis distance by employing sparse pairwise constraints, which utilize(More)
The feasibility study of the application of the photoelectrocatalytic decontamination of high saline produced water containing refractory organic pollutants was investigated in the slurry photoelectrocatalytic reactor with nanometer TiO2 particle prepared with sol-gel method using the acetic acid as hydrolytic catalyst. The efficiency of the(More)
According to the deficiency that existed in traditional design mode of production line and the fact that the federate ambassador callback between the LRC(local RTI) and the CRC(central RTI) can hardly pass through firewalls in grid when using HLA (High Level Architecture), this paper puts forward a service-oriented and HLA-based simulation model of juice(More)
In this letter, we propose a novel approach for learning semantics-driven attributes, which are discriminative for zero-shot visual recognition. Latent attributes are derived in a principled manner, aiming at maintaining class-level semantic relatedness and attribute-wise balancedness. Unlike existing methods that binarize learned real-valued attributes via(More)
Interaction among users in the context of collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) affects the efficiency of collaborative work. In most of the current CSCW application systems, users' interaction is still based on the traditional ways such as typed chat and so on. In order to enrich the interaction among users, someone has proposed to add 3D avatars into(More)
Most of the existing works on person re-identification have focused on improving matching rate at top ranks. Few efforts are devoted to address the problem of efficient storage and fast search for person re-identification. In this paper, we investigate the prevailing hashing method, originally designed for large scale image retrieval, for fast person(More)
Version management of CSCD is supposed to support the whole design progress and store all versions produced in the process to be available for request. Two difference storage models are proposed based on analysis and study on full storage and difference storage patterns in terms of version information. Full storage has characteristics of fast storage and(More)