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This paper introduces a new method for extracting salient features from surfaces that are represented by triangle meshes. Our method extracts salient geometric feature points in the Laplace–Beltrami spectral domain instead of usual spatial domains. Simultaneously, a spatial region is determined as a local support of each feature point, which is(More)
Parameterization of complex surfaces constitutes a major means of visualizing highly convoluted geometric structures as well as other properties associated with the surface. It also enables users with the ability to navigate, orient, and focus on regions of interest within a global view and overcome the occlusions to inner concavities. In this paper, we(More)
Sulfate aerosols exert profound impacts on human and ecosystem health, weather, and climate, but their formation mechanism remains uncertain. Atmospheric models consistently underpredict sulfate levels under diverse environmental conditions. From atmospheric measurements in two Chinese megacities and complementary laboratory experiments, we show that the(More)
CT colonography (CTC) is a minimally invasive screening technique for colorectal polyps and colon cancer. Since electronic colon cleansing (ECC) cannot completely remove the presence of pseudo-polyps, most CTC protocols acquire both prone and supine images to improve the visualization of the lumen wall and to reduce false positives. Comparisons between the(More)
Atmospheric aerosols affect weather and global general circulation by modifying cloud and precipitation processes, but the magnitude of cloud adjustment by aerosols remains poorly quantified and represents the largest uncertainty in estimated forcing of climate change. Here we assess the effects of anthropogenic aerosols on the Pacific storm track, using a(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel area-preserving surface flattening method, which is rigorous in theory, efficient in computation, yet general in application domains. Leveraged on the state-of-the-art flattening techniques, an infinitesimal area restoring diffeomorphic flow is constructed as a Lie advection of differential 2-forms on the manifold, which(More)
We propose a novel method to analyze a set of poses of 3D models that are represented with triangle meshes and unregistered. Different shapes of poses are transformed from the 3D spatial domain to a geometry spectrum domain that is defined by Laplace–Beltrami operator. During this space-spectrum transform, all near-isometric deformations, mesh(More)
Given an N-point sequence, finding its k largest components in the frequency domain is a problem of great interest. This problem, which is usually referred to as a sparse Fourier Transform, was recently brought back on stage by a newly proposed algorithm called the sFFT. In this paper, we present a parallel implementation of sFFT on both multi-core CPUs and(More)
With the advance of 3D acquisition techniques, more and more 3D motion data with fine details become available. In order to efficiently represent the data, we explored different motion compensation algorithms through conventional techniques and analyzed their performance both in theory and by experiments. A novel motion compression framework based on local(More)