Jiawen Li

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This paper deals with the preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling problem of reusable rocket engine (RRE), which is different from the ordinary repairable systems, by genetic algorithm. Three types of PM activities for RRE are considered and modeled by introducing the concept of effective age. The impacts of PM on all subsystems' aging processes are(More)
Rapid integration of high-quality functional devices in microchannels is in highly demand for miniature lab-on-a-chip applications. This paper demonstrates the embellishment of existing microfluidic devices with integrated micropatterns via femtosecond laser MRAF-based holographic patterning (MHP) microfabrication, which proves two-photon polymerization(More)
Since chip multiprocessors have dominated the processor market, developing a parallel programming model with proper trade-off between productivity and efficiency become increasingly important. As a typical fine-grain parallelism model, Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) simplifies parallel programming by runtime schedule. Despite its simplicity, it costs(More)
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