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A model ternary heparin conjugate by direct covalent bond strategy has been developed, in which modified heparin using active mix anhydride as intermediate conjugates with model drug molecule and model specific ligand, respectively. Designed ester bonds between model drug and heparin facilitate hydrolysis kinetics research. The strategy can be extended to(More)
We report self-assembly of charge-stabilized gold and silver nanoparticles at water-air and water-oil interfaces, via manipulation of the interactions between the interfaces and the adsorbing nanoparticles. Nanoparticle adsorption from bulk colloids to an interface is an energy-favored, but finite sorption barrier-restrained (kinetics-controlled) process.(More)
A very simple and accurate approach is proposed to predict the high-order virial coefficients of hard spheres and hard disks. In the approach, the nth virial coefficient B(n) is expressed as the sum of n(D-1) and a remainder, where D is the spatial dimension of the system. When n > or = 3, the remainders of the virials can be accurately expressed with(More)
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