Jiawei Gong

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Random oligonucleotide fragments were designed and amplified by PCR and fused with the activating domain of pGAD424 to construct a random peptide library. The DNA fragment encoding beta-lactamase was fused with the binding domain of pGBT9(+2). Subsequently, using yeast two-hybrid system we found two positive clones encoding peptides P1 and P2 that have the(More)
A versatile system combining chemotherapy with photothermal therapy for cancer cells using Pd nanosheet-covered hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles is reported. While the hollow mesoporous silica core can be used to load anticancer drugs (i.e., doxorubicin) for chemotherapy, the Pd nanosheets on the surface of particles can convert NIR light into heat(More)
Most current reputation models fail to calculate peers’ reputation accurately when there is little transaction history between the peers. To this end, this paper presents a trust model combing reputation and credential which accepts inputs of both feedback and credential. The model is based on reputation-based trust model, and according to the(More)
Various endogenous and exogenous agents drive the un-directed formation of covalent bonds between proteins and DNA. These complex molecules are of great biological relevance, as can derive in mutations, but are difficult to study because of their heterogeneous chemical properties. New analytical approaches with sufficient detection capabilities to detect(More)
Graphene nanoplatelets were activated by a hydrothermal method using potassium hydroxide (KOH) as an activating agent. The activation process significantly increases the sample specific surface area from 2.4 m<sup>2</sup>/g to 48 m<sup>2</sup>/g. The activated graphene nanoplatelets (aGNP) were used as counter electrode (CE) in dye-sensitized solar cells(More)
The Photovoltaic–assisted Charging Station (PVCS) is regarded as one of the most promising charging facilities for future electric vehicle (EV) energy supplementation. In this paper, the operation mode and profitability of a commercialized PVCS are analyzed under the energy policy of China. In order to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of using the PVCS(More)
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