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The death of the circulatory system diseases in China: provincial socioeconomic and environmental perspective
The findings show that there exist spatial differences for SO2 EA, CC, and PM2.5 influencing HD, IHD, and CVD, and that diseases exhibit a pattern of zonal distribution. Expand
Adaptive Vehicle Shadow Detection Algorithm in Highway
An adaptive detection algorithm to achieve proposes of adaptive shadow suppression without adjusts the threshold manually is proposed and experiment result shows that this method can adaptively suppress the shadow in the condition of the scene change. Expand
An integrated method of raster and vector for generating a Voronoi diagram based on linear quadtree structure
Voronoi Diagram is a fundamental geometric structure of space partition. To generate the Voronoi diagrams of the line or polygon objects, the raster method is more convenient than the vector method,Expand
An Effective Method For Calculating Natural Adjacency Relation in Spatial Database
A Delaunay triangulation approach for constructing spatial index is proposed, which overcomes the conflict between line-intersection computation and natural adjacency isn't satisfying constrained condition of Euclidean distance. Expand
Topological spatial relation calculation in constrained Delaunay triangulation: an algebraic method
Topological spatial relation between spatial objects is a very important topic for spatial analysis, query and reasoning in Geographic Information Science (GIS). In this paper, an algebraic methodExpand
Queries of nature neighbor objects on UnitsDelaunay structure in spatial database
In recent years, the research on models of spatial relation computation can be divided into two types: the spatial relation among intersected entities and the spatial relation among theExpand
Describing and Calculating of Geometry Adjacency Relation with Voronoi Tessellation
The geometry adjacency relation with topology and metric based on Voronoi model is described and a local computing method (V2) of geometry adjACency upon on VAG is proposed, which takes distance as a foundational operator to ensure influence neighbors. Expand
Natural neighbors interpolation method for correcting IDW
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) interpolation is one of basic functions for spatial description and spatial analysis in GIS and related spatial information fields. Interpolation can be viewed as aExpand
The generation algorithm for spherical full-feature Voronoi diagram
As a basic structure of computational geometry, Voronoi Diagram is important to data analysis of GIS. Considering the limitations of traditional vectorial and raster generation algorithm of VoronoiExpand
Voronoi Feature Selection Model Considering Variable-Scale Map's Balance and Legibility
This paper proposes a new pattern called Voronoi Feature Selection to solve the problem of information compression, considering map's legibility and equilibrium, and uses voronoi adjacency relationship model to select features instead of traditional euclidean distance model. Expand