Jiatao Jiang

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Ontology is the basis of sharing and reusing knowledge on the Semantic Web, and ontology-based semantic retrieval is a hotspot of current research. Fuzzy ontology is an extension of domain ontology for solving the uncertainty problems. To represent fuzzy knowledge more effectively, this paper presents a new series of fuzzy ontology models that consists of(More)
—Information retrieval is the important work for Electronic Commerce. Ontology-based semantic retrieval is a hotspot of current research. In order to achieve fuzzy semantic retrieval, this paper applies a fuzzy ontology framework to information retrieval system in E-Commerce. The framework includes three parts: concepts, properties of concepts and values of(More)
The paper proposes a multi-view information retrieval model. The model has the ability to deal with the multi-field topics problem using a predefined multi-field or multi-view fuzzy ontology. Respecting the natural relationship between concepts and terms, the model enhances the recall measure compared with previously proposed fuzzy ontology-based(More)
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