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Aiming at the shortcomings of using traditional solid model for network-based simulation, the 3D visualization of the model and motion simulation for robot is realized by VRML and Java interaction through the External Authoring Interface (EAI) in this paper. In order to observe the three-dimensional robot in motion on a WEB browser, the virtual environment(More)
Micro end-milling method is a universal micro manufacturing method, which can be used to fabricating complex 3D structures and parts with many materials. But compared with their micrometer order size, their surface roughness quality is not satisfied. In this paper, the different metal phase grains influences are researched, and the micro end-milling process(More)
In order to obtain the accurate dynamic characteristics of spindle-bearing system during the design stage, the spindle-bearing system with finite element model is simulated by virtual software, and a method which springs and damping units imitate bearing support is proposed in this paper. The proposed method can predict the regular pattern which bearing(More)
This paper takes one kind of 3-TPT parallel robot as the object to study. It mainly analyzes the posture error of movable platform influenced by the parallelogram mechanism of parallel robot. Firstly, on the basis of introducing the structure of parallel robot, the kinematics equation of the parallelogram mechanism of this parallel robot is analyzed and(More)
Most modern exoskeleton devices for hand rehabilitation are bulgy and heavy for portable usage; some of them are even non-movable. To facilitate the therapy processes into patients' daily lives, a tendon driven hand exoskeleton device which was actuated by shape memory alloy(SMA) spring series was developed for hand motor function rehabilitation in this(More)
In this paper, one kind of 3-UPS parallel robot is researched. At first, the inverse matrix of Jacobian is obtained according to the inverse kinematics equation of parallel robot, and then the condition number of Jacobian matrix is acquired. Then, it takes the condition number of Jacobian matrix as measurable index to analyze the processing dexterity of(More)
This paper takes a 3-UPS Parallel Machine Tool (PMT) as the object to study, and it mainly analyzed the singularity of machine in the workspace. Firstly the kinematics of this machine is analyzed on the basis of introducing the structure of PMT, the kinematics equation of PMT is established, and further the Jacobian matrix of PMT is obtained. Then the(More)
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