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Five branching growth patterns in the cubic crystal system: A direct observation of cuprous oxide microcrystals
Abstract Cuprous oxide (Cu 2 O) is selected in this paper to elucidate the shape evolution in the cubic crystal system. A wide range of novel cuprous oxide microcrystals (based on the five branchingExpand
Liquid-phase exfoliation of graphene in organic solvents with addition of naphthalene.
We report a facile method for the production of graphene sheets through liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite in organic solvents with addition of naphthalene. The production yield of graphene isExpand
Fabrication of the porous MnCo2O4 nanorod arrays on Ni foam as an advanced electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors
Abstract In this work, the porous MnCo2O4 nanorod arrays on three-dimensional Ni foam (PMCN@NF) as electrode material have been fabricated through a mild co-precipitating reaction at room temperatureExpand
Chemical synthesis of NaTaO3 powder at low-temperature
Sodium tantalate (NaTaO 3 ) powder with a high crystallinity has been successfully synthesized at 600 °C through a modified solid state reaction, in which urea plays an important role. Powder X-rayExpand
Fabrication of porous double-urchin-like MgCo2O4 hierarchical architectures for high-rate supercapacitors
Abstract Porous double-urchin-like MgCo2O4 hierarchical architectures have been synthesized via a facile two-step method (a hydrothermal route and followed with a calcination process). TheseExpand
Improved UV resistance in wood through the hydrothermal growth of highly ordered ZnO nanorod arrays
In this study, wood materials with significantly improved UV resistance were successfully fabricated by growing highly ordered ZnO nanorod arrays on wood surfaces using a facile one-pot hydrothermalExpand
Chemical synthesis of BaCO3 with a hexagonal pencil-like morphology
Abstract Uniform hexagonal pencil-like BaCO3 whiskers have been successfully synthesized by the chemical reaction of barium chloride and urea via a facile hydrothermal route. Most whiskers haveExpand
Photocatalytic overall water splitting on the perovskite-type transition metal oxynitride CaTaO2N under visible light irradiation.
Overall water splitting was achieved on a simple perovskite oxynitride photocatalyst, CaTaO2N, with an absorption edge at 510 nm. This photocatalyst, modified with a Rh-Cr bimetallic oxideExpand
Fabrication of hierarchical MnMoO 4 ⋅H 2 O@MnO 2 core-shell nanosheet arrays on nickel foam as an advanced electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors
Abstract The hierarchical MnMoO4·H2O@MnO2 core-shell nanosheet arrays on nickel foam have been successfully fabricated by a mild two-step hydrothermal method. MnMoO4·H2O nanosheet arrays isExpand
Fabrication of malachite with a hierarchical sphere-like architecture.
  • Jiasheng Xu, D. Xue
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • The journal of physical chemistry. B
  • 23 August 2005
Malachite (Cu2(OH)2CO3) with a hierarchical sphere-like architecture has been successfully synthesized via a simple and mild hydrothermal route in the absence of any external inorganic additives orExpand