Jiarul Midya

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Via a combination of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and finite-size scaling (FSS) analysis, we study dynamic critical phenomena for the vapor-liquid transition in a three dimensional Lennard-Jones system. The phase behavior of the model has been obtained via the Monte Carlo simulations. The transport properties, viz., the bulk viscosity and the thermal(More)
Results for the kinetics of vapor-liquid phase transition have been presented from the molecular dynamics simulations of a single component two-dimensional Lennard-Jones fluid. The phase diagram for the model, primary prerequisite for this purpose, has been obtained via the Monte Carlo simulations. Our focus is on the region very close to the vapor branch(More)
Behavior of two-time autocorrelation during the phase separation in solid binary mixtures is studied via numerical solutions of the Cahn-Hilliard equation as well as Monte Carlo simulations of the Ising model. Results are analyzed via state-of-the-art methods, including the finite-size scaling technique. Full forms of the autocorrelation in space dimensions(More)
The kinetics of the separation between low and high density phases in a single component Lennard-Jones model is studied via molecular dynamics simulations, at very low temperatures, in the space dimension d=2. For densities close to the vapor branch of the coexistence curve, disconnected nanoscale clusters of the high density phase exhibit essentially(More)
Nonequilibrium dynamics in Ising and Ginzburg-Landau models were studied for a nonconserved order parameter that mimics ordering in ferromagnets. The focus was on the understanding of the decay of the two time (t, t(w); t > tw) order-parameter correlation function. For this quantity, a full form has been obtained empirically which, for t ≫ t(w), provides a(More)
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