Jiaquan Feng

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Nine pregnane glycosides containing peroxy functions in their sugar moieties (1-5 and 11-14), five oligosaccharides (6-10), six pregnane glycosides (15-20), and five cardiac glycosides (21-25) were isolated from the root barks of Periploca sepium Bge. (Asclepiadaceae) and the roots of Periploca forrestii Schltr. (Asclepiadaceae), two traditional Chinese(More)
Four new oligosaccharides (1-4), one new pregnane glycoside (5), and one new cardiac glycoside (6) were isolated from the roots of Periploca forrestii Schltr. (Asclepiadaceae), a traditional Chinese medicine used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and wounds. Their structures were characterized on the basis of extensive analysis of NMR (1H, 13C NMR,(More)
The static finite analysis and load experiment of a prestressed hollow concrete plank using in bridge were carried out in this text. And the result proves that the plank has a high safety abundance in the designed load. At the same time the plank meets the Code for Design of Highway Reinforced Concrete and Pretressed Concrete Bridges and Culverts JTG(More)
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