Jiaqing Mo

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This paper proposes a label-free and spectrometer-free method for biological detection with high detecting resolution. Taking advantage of the optical properties of porous silicon microcavity, the refractive index changes caused by biological reaction can be detected by measuring the incident angle of the minimum reflected light intensity. Based on the(More)
A fabrication of a novel simple porous silicon polybasic photonic crystal with symmetrical structure has been reported as a nucleic acid biosensor for detecting antifreeze protein gene in insects (Microdera puntipennis dzhungarica), which would be helpful in the development of some new transgenic plants with tolerance of freezing stress. Compared to various(More)
We present a fast, novel method for building porous silicon-based silicon-on-insulator photonic crystals in which a periodic modulation of the refractive index is built by alternating different electrochemical etching currents. The morphology and reflectance spectra of the photonic crystals, prepared by the proposed method, are investigated. The scanning(More)
A silicon-on-insulator (SOI) device is an important integrated circuit technology containing an insulating material. In this paper, an SOI wafer consisting of n-type silicon grown on the surface of a SiO<sub>2</sub> layer was adopted. Porous silicon on the SOI surface, prepared by an electrochemical etching method that connected the anode and cathode to the(More)
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