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ATLAS: a probabilistic algorithm for high dimensional similarity search
Given a set of high dimensional binary vectors and a similarity function (such as Jaccard and Cosine), we study the problem of finding all pairs of vectors whose similarity exceeds a given threshold.Expand
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Generating Representative Headlines for News Stories
Millions of news articles are published online every day, which can be overwhelming for readers to follow. Grouping articles that are reporting the same event into news stories is a common way ofExpand
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Pressure-Based Approach to Estimating the Injection Start and End in Single and Split Common Rail Injection Processes
Fuel injection timing is an important control parameter for engine combustion optimization and emissions control. However, the actual fuel injection timing is different from the nominal one commandedExpand
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Research on Optimal Water Allocation Based on Water Rights Trade under the Principle of Water Demand Management: A Case Study in Bayannur City, China
In water shortage regions, water rights trading would be much useful for increasing water use inefficiency through changing users’ water demand. In this study, a water optimal allocation modellingExpand
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Research on the Evaluation of Green Innovation Capability of Manufacturing Enterprises in Innovation Network
The aims of this paper are to objectively evaluate the green innovation ability of manufacturing enterprises in an innovation network and to consider the mutual influence relationship and informationExpand
Cetane number prediction for hydrocarbons from molecular structural descriptors based on active subspace methodology
Abstract Cetane number (CN) is a key factor assessing auto-ignition tendency for diesel fuels. The active subspace method and the quantitative structure-property relationship strategy wereExpand
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Hydraulic dynamics in split fuel injection on a common rail system and their artificial neural network prediction
Abstract Injection dynamics in engine common rail systems influence cycle fuel injection rate and mass, and further the combustion and emissions features. We therefore experimentally studied theExpand