Jiapin Huang

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BACKGROUND Several blood biomarkers have been linked to functional disability, a health problem in general populations. However, there are limited data for evaluating the potential association of biomarkers with functional disability in an extremely longevous (95+) population. METHODS We used data from 420 extremely longevous individuals from the Rugao(More)
BACKGROUND CKD, a functional decline or break down of kidney, has been increasingly recognized as a public health problem and a predictor of poor outcomes (i.e., cardiovascular disease, dementia) and mortality among general populations. However, little is known regarding the prevalence and related factors of CKD among Chinese LLI over 95 years of age. (More)
To examine the associations of cognitive and emotional facets (measured by life satisfaction [LS], positive affect [PA], negative affect [NA], and affect balance [AB]) of subjective well-being (SWB) with exceptional longevity (EL), we conducted a population-based study with 463 EL individuals (95+, EL group) recruited from a longevity town of Rugao, China(More)
BACKGROUND Sensory impairment affects an increasing number of elderly adults, with a negative psychological impact. Our objective was to examine the associations of visual and hearing impairment with subjective well-being (SWB), an important psychological concept defined by life satisfaction [LS], positive affect [PA], negative affect [NA], and affect(More)
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