Jiapeng Yu

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Assembly feasibility of aero engine is of vital importance. Based on investigation of a Chinese aero engine design company, the requirements on assembly design are analyzed firstly. Then, a DFA (Design for Assembly) system dedicating to aero engine is presented. This system mainly includes 3 parts: assembly data and knowledge management, assembly planning(More)
In the assembly modeling of complex products, it is not unusual facing an explosive growth of assembly relations, or called combination explosion. Through integrating object-oriented methods with the knowledge template based modeling, in this paper, a new methodology is proposed to deal with the complexity of the assemblies of large-scale products. As such,(More)
The morphological information on the very front of a spreading liquid is fundamental to our understanding of dynamic wetting. Debate has lasted for years concerning the nanoscopic local angles and the transition from them to the macroscopic counterpart, θ(D). This study of nonvolatile liquids analyzes the interface profile near the advancing contact line(More)
Mobile crowdsensing is a new paradigm in which a requester can recruit a group of mobile users via a platform and coordinate them to perform some sensing tasks by using their smartphones. In mobile crowdsensing, each user might perform multiple tasks with different sensing qualities. An important problem is recruiting the minimum number of users while(More)
One of the tasks in assembly planning is to create the exploded views for the visualization purpose and the verification of assembly plans. In this paper, we introduce how to generate exploded views automatically from an assembly model. To increase the level of automation, a new relational matrix called extended interference matrix (EIM) is used to(More)
To automate assembly planning for complex products such as aircraft components, an assembly planning and simulation system called AutoAssem has been developed. In this paper, its system architecture is presented; the main components and the key technologies in each component are discussed. The core functions of the system that have been focused include(More)
There remain significant gaps in our ability to predict dewetting and wetting despite the extensive study over the past century. An important reason is the absence of nanoscopic knowledge about the processes near the moving contact line. This experimental study for the first time obtained the liquid morphology within 10 nm of the contact line, which was(More)
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