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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a business-centric IT architectural approach that promoted integrated and reusable business processes or services. Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) provides an ideal way to composite services within SOA into complete business processes. However, the distributed, heterogeneous and highly volatile nature of web(More)
Cloud computing environment for the efficient resources allocation is an important issue in the field of cloud computing. The resources in Cloud computing application platform are distributed widely and with great diversity. User demands of real-time dynamic change are very difficult to predict accurately. The heuristic ant colony algorithm could be used to(More)
The paper presents an effective method to predict the movie box-office by Neural network algorithm. The core idea is to use past performance of the similar movie to predict a coming movie. Based on the analysis on Chinese film market, we extracted the elements of a movie like actors, director, screenplay, film genre, technical specs, etc. Some elements were(More)
With the in-depth development of the mobile terminal system, the extendibility of application has become a basic demand. Mobile terminal system urgently needs a mechanism which can load the APP module in the running state dynamically. This paper presents an intelligent dynamic loading mechanism and discusses the realization of the mechanism. Experiments(More)
The research in the field of web information extraction technology has made some progress in the past few years, but the extraction performance of the system still needs a lot of improvement. To solve this problem, a new intelligent framework for web information extraction is proposed in this paper. The framework provides a mechanism for automatic(More)
To overcome the defects of partial multi-objective constrained optimization evolutionary algorithms especially in getting local optimal solutions, poor diversity and robustness, a hybrid algorithm which is named NCCMOEA (Non-dominated Clonal Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm) is proposed in this paper. This new algorithm(More)
Inadequate crawling behavior of the crawler will have a very serious impact on the site, so anti crawling mechanism is an important function for the website. Most of the existing anti crawling methods are non real time detection, and the recognition accuracy is low. By analyzing the characteristics of Crawler, a real-time crawler detection method based on(More)
The identification of user travel pattern has important research value for intelligent transportation. Intelligent terminal can supply GPS, acceleration sensors, pressure sensors data which can provide data base for the identification of user travel patterns. This paper research on a user travel pattern decision model based on the sensor data. The decision(More)
To date, with the rapid development of information society, it has great significance to video websites that using the existing relationship between users and items to analyze users' behavior and find the correlation of information, which can mine users' preferences deeply and provide the optimal recommendations to users. This paper explores an improved(More)
It is significant to make a short-term power output forecast for the solar photovoltaic power station. On the one hand it helps guarantee power grid security, on the other hand it can increase the efficiency of power generation. This paper designs a high concentrated photovoltaic output power prediction model based on the Fuzzy Clustering and Radial Basis(More)