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IEC 61850 provides the communication model and a set of unified interface for substation automation system (SAS) in Smart Grid. Using the DiffServ modern in IPv6 protocols to suit the IEC 61850 unity digital interface, the paper presents a novel method to implement the QoS guarantee system of metropolitan area electric power communication network. Different(More)
Integrating distributed renewable generation, energy storage devices and intelligent inverter, Smart Micro Grid provides efficient approach to utilize energy and decrease carbon emission. Intelligent control and transmission models should be employed in SMG system. Based on distributed agent technologies and traffic engineering, this paper proposes a novel(More)
With modern digital substations established, a great number of secondary equipments are connected into the Smart Grid. The types and quantities of traffic are exponential increasing in the electric power communication networks. New electronic techniques, communication techniques and digital signal processing techniques must be employed to achieve this(More)
This paper presented a fast fasten control algorithm (2FCA) in wireless sensor networks for information processing and transmitting. Using anycast technology, 2FCA can fast fasten broken routing path, which will decrease failure delay and increase packets' success rate. In the algorithm, it restricts participant nodes to save scarce energy and bandwidth(More)
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