Jiaomin Liu

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This paper discussed the sparsed feed-forward neural network, namely, how to determine and delete the redundant neurons and connections in the network. To begin with, the author gives the mathematical definition of feed-forward neural network, and then introduces the partial and topological order to the sparsed algorithm and the learning algorithm of the(More)
This paper had built inter turn short-circuit fault diagnose system of steam generator rotor windings based on the fault criterion of rotor inter turn short circuit on-line identification. The frame of diagnose system is introduced, and then the long-distance rotor inter turn short-circuit diagnose system which based on B/S module is built by combining(More)
FP-tree is an efficient algorithm for generating frequent item-sets and the present algorithms are all based on FP_tree generally. But the FP_treepsilas generative process needs much time and it needs to scan database twice. In order to improve the efficiency of constructing the FP_tree, a new fast algorithm called Level FP_tree (abbreviate L-FP_tree) was(More)
There are many excellent characteristics in the nature immune system that can be cited in the computer immune system. Until now, some of them are being used in the safe of the computer great. But now in the computer immune system, the methods of the detection in some stage are singly. For this problem, a sort of computer immune system with multilayer(More)
With software system gradually going deep into all aspects of public life, software test, as an important way to verify that software system quality level, has received widespread attention of the society, and how to improve design quality, efficiency and reuse degree in software test use case has become a problem needs to be solved. This paper studies(More)
In low voltage electrical apparatus inspection direct current test, the test signal has an abrupt changing structure because of operation of opening or closing of switchgear. Affected by strong electromagnetic field, experiment signal carries noise on testing spot. For accurate measurement test signal must be processed before analyzing its parameter. In(More)