Jiaomin Liu

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Particle filter is a probability estimation method based on Bayesian framework and it has unique advantage to describe the target tracking non-linear and non-Gaussian. In this study, firstly, analyses the particle degeneracy and sample impoverishment in particle filter multi-target tracking algorithm and secondly, it applies Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)(More)
Aiming for the low matching precision caused by the inaccurate segmentation of the region with fuzzy details when traditional methods are used for the matching of regions with fuzzy details in the multimedia images, a new high precision matching optimization method for regions with fuzzy details of multimedia images in cloud environment is proposed, LPP(More)
— For better background modeling in scenes with nonstationary background, a background modeling algorithm based on adaptive parameter adjustment of the Mixture Gaussian is proposed. Mixture Gaussians is applied to learn the distribution of per-pixel in the temporal domain and to control adaptive adjustment of number K of Gaussian components through in(More)