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This paper discussed the sparsed feed-forward neural network, namely, how to determine and delete the redundant neurons and connections in the network. To begin with, the author gives the mathematical definition of feed-forward neural network, and then introduces the partial and topological order to the sparsed algorithm and the learning algorithm of the(More)
With software system gradually going deep into all aspects of public life, software test, as an important way to verify that software system quality level, has received widespread attention of the society, and how to improve design quality, efficiency and reuse degree in software test use case has become a problem needs to be solved. This paper studies(More)
Aiming for the low matching precision caused by the inaccurate segmentation of the region with fuzzy details when traditional methods are used for the matching of regions with fuzzy details in the multimedia images, a new high precision matching optimization method for regions with fuzzy details of multimedia images in cloud environment is proposed, LPP(More)
— For better background modeling in scenes with nonstationary background, a background modeling algorithm based on adaptive parameter adjustment of the Mixture Gaussian is proposed. Mixture Gaussians is applied to learn the distribution of per-pixel in the temporal domain and to control adaptive adjustment of number K of Gaussian components through in(More)