Jiaolong Cui

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Sleep deprivation (SD) can degrade cognitive functioning, but growing evidence suggests that there are large individual differences in the vulnerability to this effect. Some evidence suggests that baseline differences in the responsiveness of a fronto-parietal attention system that is activated during working memory (WM) tasks may be associated with the(More)
Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rsfMRI) has been extensively applied to investigate the organization of functional networks in the brain. As an essential part of the central nervous system (CNS), the spinal cord has not been well explored about its intrinsic functional network. In this study, we aim to thoroughly investigate the(More)
Emotional suppression (ES) is a critical component of the ability to self-regulate emotion. However, people who chronically use ES as a primary strategy often experience heightened anxiety or depression. Although functional neuroimaging studies have extensively mapped the brain regions involving in emotional regulation, the neural substrates of ES as a(More)
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