Jiaojiao Zheng

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Understanding forest carbon cycling responses to atmospheric N deposition is critical to evaluating ecosystem N dynamics. The natural abundance of N (dN) has been suggested as an efficient and non-invasive tool to monitor N pools and fluxes. In this study, three successional forests in southern China were treated with four levels of N addition. In each(More)
Gloiopeltis tenax (G. tenax) is widely distributed along the Chinese coastal areas and is commonly used in the treatment of diarrhea and colitis. This study aimed at investigating the bioactivities of the volatile constituents in G. tenax. We extracted the essential constituents of G. tenax by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (CO₂-SFE), then(More)
Several genome-wide association studies on thyroid cancer (TC) have reported similar findings of a new susceptibility locus, 14q13.3. After that, a number of studies reported that rs944289 polymorphism at chromosome 14q13.3 has been implicated in TC risk. However, these studies have yielded inconsistent results. To investigate this inconsistency, we(More)
To assess the effects of atmospheric N deposition on the C budget of an alpine meadow ecosystem on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau, it is necessary to explore the responses of soil-atmosphere carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange to N addition. Based on a multi-form, low-level N addition experiment, soil CO2 effluxes were monitored weekly using the static chamber and(More)
Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is the major growth factor for thyrocytes, but the pathogenic role of serum TSH in thyroid cancer (TC) is unknown. The association between TSH level and the development of thyroid cancer has been widely evaluated recently. However, the results remain conflicting. To develop an understanding of the relationship between TSH(More)
This paper reports a strategy to get self-assembly of Cu7Te5 nanorods into hierarchical superstructures: the side-by-side self-assembly of nanorods into microscale one-dimensional (1D) nanowires (primary structure), the side-by-side alignments of the 1D nanowires into two-dimensional (2D) nanowire bundles (secondary structure), and the further rolling up of(More)
Short-term exposure to cigarette smoke (CS) introduces an abundance of free radicals into the lungs, causing oxidative stress and inflammation. CS is an important risk factor related to the pathogenesis of several pulmonary diseases, especially chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Black coral (BC) is a marine biomaterial commonly used for cigarette(More)
Novel visible-light-driven WO3/Bi12O17Cl2 heterojuncted photocatalysts with different mass ratios were successfully fabricated by a facile hydrothermal process and were characterized by XRD, UV-Vis DRS, SEM, TEM, HRTEM, XPS, BET, Raman, PL, and ESR techniques. The original morphology of Bi12O17Cl2 was maintained after the addition of WO3 nanoparticles and(More)
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