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Somatic embryogenesis (SE), by which somatic cells of higher plants can dedifferentiate and reorganize into new plants, is a notable illustration of cell totipotency. However, the precise molecular mechanisms regulating SE remain unclear. To characterize the molecular events of this unique process, transcriptome analysis, in combination with biochemical and(More)
Redox homeostasis is important for plants to be able to maintain cellular metabolism, and disrupting cellular redox homeostasis will cause oxidative damage to cells and adversely affect plant growth. In this study, a cotton CCCH-type tandem zinc finger gene defined as GhTZF1, which was isolated from a cotton cell wall regeneration SSH library in our(More)
Media outlets have undergone a fundamental shift over the last decade as new distribution channels proliferate in an unprecedented manner. Although mobile devices in particular have been experienced rapid adoption among consumers, its broader implication is yet to be understood. In this research, we examine consumer's news consumption behaviors via mobile(More)
Somatic embryogenesis (S.E.) is a versatile model for understanding the mechanisms of plant embryogenesis and a useful tool for plant propagation. To decipher the intricate molecular program and potentially to control the parameters affecting the frequency of S.E., a proteomics approach based on two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) combined with(More)
Duck viral enteritis (DVE) is an acute, contagious herpesvirus infection of ducks, geese, and swans of all ages and species. This disease has been responsible for significant economic losses in domestic and wild waterfowl as a result of mortality, and decreased egg production. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring phytoalexin in specific plants and exhibits(More)
BACKGROUND microRNAs (miRNAs) have been involved in regulation of diverse spectrum of plant development processes in many species. In cotton, few miRNAs have been well characterised in floral organ development. Floral organ, which should be finely tuned, is a crucial factor affecting the yield of cotton. Therefore, it is well worth revealing the function of(More)
High-density crowd segmentation is one of the most important components in a wide range of applications in group analysis, but the complexity and variability of the high-density crowd environment make high-density crowd behaviors segmentation facing great challenges. In this paper, we introduce a holistic approach to perform segmentation using the stability(More)
Boric acid is often added into coolant as neutron capture agent for pressurized water reactor, whose amount is influenced by its abundance and purity. Therefore, the preparation of enriched (10)B boric acid with high purity is beneficial to nuclear industry. (10)B is also used in developing tumor-specific boronated drugs in boron neutron capture therapy.(More)
Highly ordered MoS2/Mo-S-C nanoperiod multilayers are synthesized by a novel self-assembling mechanism in simultaneous sputtering of MoS2 and graphite targets. The sequential formation of MoS2-riched domain layers and Mo-S-C compositional mixed capping layers reveals no correspondence to the sample stage rotation but is caused by the low energy ion(More)