Jiao-Xiang Chen

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Our aim was to evaluate the results of short-segment pedicle instrumentation with screw insertion in the fracture level and find factors predicting kyphosis recurrence in thoracolumbar burst fractures. We retrospectively analysed 122 patients with thoracolumbar burst fracture who were divided into two groups: kyphosis recurrence and no kyphosis recurrence.(More)
The aim of this study was to develop a novel method for observing the morphology of the blood vessels in the rabbit endplate. Twenty 6-month-old rabbits were used in this study. The blood vessels in the L5 endplate in Group A were injected with iohexol and Group B with barium sulfate. Group C was the control group with saline. To optimize the study, Group B(More)
STUDY DESIGN Digitally reconstructed radiograph-based study. OBJECTIVE Using a computer-based method to determine what degree of pelvic rotation is acceptable for measuring the pelvic incidence (PI), pelvic tilt (PT), and sacral slope (SS). The effectiveness of a geometrical formula used to calculate the angle of pelvic rotation proposed in a previous(More)
To evaluate the feasibility of cortical bone trajectory (CBT) screws fixation via pedicle or pedicle rib unit in the cadaveric thoracic spine (T9–T12). Computed tomography (CT) images of 100 patients are analyzed by multiplanar reconstruction. Ten cadaveric thoracic spines are used to insert 4.5 × 35.0 mm CBT screws at all levels from T9 to T12. Maximal(More)
To discuss whether radiologic parameters are closely related to posterior ligamentous complex (PLC) injury identified by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). One hundred and five thoracolumbar fracture (T11–L2) patients were retrospectively analyzed in the study. The patients were divided into different groups by the status of the PLC on MRI: intact,(More)
Celastrol has been reported to exert therapeutic potential on pro-inflammatory diseases including asthma, Crohn's disease, arthritis and neurodegenerative disorders via inhibiting NF-κB pathway. While the effect of celastrol on intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD), which is also a pro-inflammatory disease, remains unknown. In this study, we evaluated the(More)
STUDY DESIGN This study is a computed tomographic-based morphometric analysis of the pediatric occipital bones as related to pediatric occipitocervical fusion. OBJECTIVE To quantify reference data concerning the thicknesses of the immature occipital bones to guide the pediatric occipitocervical fusion. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA To the best of our(More)
To quantify the reference data concerning the morphometrics of the middle-upper thorax to guide the placement of cortical bone trajectory (CBT) screws.Eighty patients were studied on computed tomography (CT) scans. The reference anatomical parameters were measured. Next, 20 cadaveric specimens were implanted with CBT screws based on CT measurements. These(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective study of anterior transarticular screw (ATS) fixation patients. OBJECTIVE To develop a method to determine screw tip position through plain radiography after percutaneous ATS fixation to prevent occipitocervical joint (OCJ) violation. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA No studies using plain radiography to prevent OCJ violation during(More)
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