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The RAR-related orphan receptor gamma t (RORγt) is a nuclear receptor required for generating IL-17-producing CD4(+) Th17 T cells, which are essential in host defense and may play key pathogenic roles in autoimmune diseases. Oxysterols elicit profound effects on immune and inflammatory responses as well as on cholesterol and lipid metabolism. Here, we(More)
The communities constituting our microbiotas are emerging as mediators of the health-disease continuum. However, deciphering the functional impact of microbial communities on host pathophysiology represents a formidable challenge, due to the heterogeneous distribution of chemical and microbial species within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Herein, we apply(More)
Leukotrienes (LTs) and related species are proinflammatory lipid mediators derived from arachidonic acid (AA) that have pathological roles in autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. 5-Lipoxygenase activating protein (FLAP) plays a critical accessory role in the conversion of AA to LTA4, and its subsequent conversion to(More)
We have developed a workflow to extract, separate, and semi-quantify bioactive oxysterols from mouse colon tissues and fecal matters using solid- and liquid-phase extractions, enzymatic and chemical modifications, and stable-isotope dilution LC/MS/MS. The method was applied to a dextran sodium sulphate (DSS)-induced mouse colitis model, which revealed that(More)
We have developed an ultra-performance liquid chromatography-multiple reaction monitoring/mass spectrometry (UPLC-MRM/MS)-based, high-content, high-throughput platform that enables simultaneous profiling of multiple lipids produced ex vivo in human whole blood (HWB) on treatment with calcium ionophore and its modulation with pharmacological agents. HWB(More)
It is widely accepted that small-molecule drugs, despite their selectivity at primary targets, exert pharmacological effects (and safety liabilities) through a multiplicity of pathways. As such, it has proved extremely difficult to experimentally assess polypharmacology in an agnostic fashion. Profiling of metabolites produced as part of physiological(More)
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