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Eco-environmental geochemistry of heavy metal pollution in Dexing mining area
An eco-environmental geochemical investigation was carried out in and around the Dexing mining area to determine the concentrations of heavy metals in the surface water, sediments, soils and plants.Expand
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Holocene Yellow Silt Layers and the Paleoclimate Event of 8200 a B.P. in Lop Nur, Xinjiang, NW China
Many yellow silt layers have been identified in the Holocene sediments in the last lake of Lop Nur (playa), Xinjiang, northwestern China. Statistics of drill-hole cores have revealed more than oneExpand
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Saline Spring Hydrochemical Characteristics and Indicators for Potassium Exploration in Southwestern and Northern Tarim Basin, Xinjiang
In this paper,hydrochemical characteristics and origin of saline springs/brines in southwestern and northern Tarim Basin were studied,ionic ratios were discussed,and a corresponding indicator systemExpand
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Minerogenic Theory of the Superlarge Lop Nur Potash Deposit, Xinjiang, China
Abstract  Located in the eastern part of the Tarim basin, Xinjiang, the Lop Nur was an ultimate water catchment area of the Tarim basin during the Quaternary. Through nearly ten years ofExpand
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Composition in Solid Potash Deposits of Qarhan Salt Lake,Qinghai Province and Its Significance
At present,Qarhan salt lake is the largest potash producing area in China. Based on the principle that mineral composition in potash deposits could determine potassium mining process,and thatExpand
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Characteristics and Dynamic Analysis of Inter-Crystal Brine Movement in the Lop Nur Salt Lake
Based on general movement regularity of underground water, this paper describes in detail physical characteristics of brine aquifers and dynamic properties of brine movement as well as theirExpand
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Evaporation salt basin lithology discriminant system based on SOA
Evaporation salt basin lithology discriminant system is used to deal with logging data in order to get the lithology of layer that valuable to generate salt.Lithology database,logging database,expertExpand
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Lop Nur salty lake is located in the eastern part of the Tarim Basin,Xinjiang,NW China.During the Middle-Late Pleistocene,a great deal of glaubeite had crystallized and was deposited at the bottom ofExpand
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Features and Formation Mechanism of Faults and Potash-forming Effect in the Lop Nur Salt Lake, Xinjiang, China
: The Lop Nur Salt Lake, located in the eastern part of the Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, China, has become a playa in the Quaternary. Rhombic in shape, the Lop Nur depression is mainly controlled by theExpand
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The Impact of the Linked Factors of Provenance, Tectonics and Climate on Potash Formation: An Example from the Potash Deposits of Lop Nur Depression in Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, Western China
Potash deposits commonly accumulate in highly restricted settings at the final stage of brine evaporation. This does not mean that potash deposits are formed simply as a result of the evaporationExpand
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