Jiao Liu

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Dumb and deaf people are unable to interact with robots using a traditional human-machine interface (HMI). Lip motion is an useful way for these people to communicate with machines, even for normal people in extremely noisy environments. However, the recognition of lip motion is a difficult task since the region of interest (ROI) is nonlinear and noisy.(More)
The problem of trip planning with time constraints aims to find the optimal routes satisfying the maximum time requirement and possessing the highest attraction score. In this paper, a more efficient algorithm TripRec is proposed to solve this problem. Based on the principle of the Aprior algorithm for mining frequent item sets, our method constructs(More)
Rough sets, a tool for data mining, deal with the vagueness and granularity in information systems. For further studies on privacy protection, we study a new type of covering-based rough sets. After presenting their basic properties, this paper explores the interdependency between the lower and upper approximation operations, and condition under which two(More)
This paper studies the recognition of body gesture to achieve human-computer interaction, which defined by physical methods and algorithms matching body gesture to achieve recognition. Physical definition mainly for skeletal point of the relative coordinates define the size of the operation, the matching algorithm used quaternion main points of the(More)