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3Shan Shan Kou
2Brian Abbey
2Luping Du
2Eugeniu Balaur
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Metasurfaces are promising two-dimensional metamaterials that are engineered to provide unique properties or functionalities absent in naturally occurring homogeneous surfaces. Here, we report a type of metasurface for tailored reconstruction of surface plasmon waves from light. The design is based on an array of slit antennas arranged in a way that it(More)
Perfluorodecanoic acid (PFDA) is widely used in production of many daily necessities based on their surface properties and stability. It was assigned as a Persistent Organic Pollutant in 2009 and became a public concern partly because of its potential for activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARα). In this study, wild-type(More)
Colour filters based on nano-apertures in thin metallic films have been widely studied due to their extraordinary optical transmission and small size. These properties make them prime candidates for use in high-resolution colour displays and high accuracy bio-sensors. The inclusion of polarization sensitive plasmonic features in such devices allow(More)
The behaviour of light transmitted through an individual subwavelength aperture becomes counterintuitive in the presence of surrounding 'decoration', a phenomenon known as the extraordinary optical transmission. Despite being polarization-sensitive, such an individual nano-aperture, however, often cannot differentiate between the two distinct spin-states of(More)
We review Fourier methods used in the disciplines of electromagnetism and signal processing, with a view to reconciling differences in approach. In particular, Fourier methods well known in signal processing are applied to three-dimensional wave propagation problems. The Fourier transform of the Green function, when written explicitly in terms of a(More)
All Rights Reserved iii Acknowledgements First, I want to thank my advisor, Professor David Rutledge, for giving me this opportunity to pursue the PhD at Caltech, and to be a member of his research group. Without his valuable advice and guidance, without the many intuitive discussions with him during weekly group meeting, and without the excellent research(More)
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