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A wirelessly-powered, near-threshold, body area network SoC supporting synchronized multi-node TDMA operation is demonstrated in 65nm CMOS. A global clock source sent from a base-station wirelessly broadcasts at 434.16MHz to all sensor nodes, where each individual BAN sensor is phase-locked to the base-station clock using a super-harmonic injection-locked(More)
A 0.16 nJ/b MICS transmitter and 0.18 nJ/b super-regenerative receiver are demonstrated, where each is specifically designed to operate in the near-threshold region. The low-VDD transmitter utilizes a sub-harmonic injection-locked ring oscillator, edge combiner for frequency multiplication, and class-C power amplifier. The low-VDD receiver introduces a(More)
This paper proposes a new cascade algorithm based on conditional random fields. The algorithm is applied to automatic recognition of Chinese verb-object collocation, and combined with a new sequence labeling of “ONIY”. Experiments compare identified results under two segmentations and part-of-speech tag sets. The comprehensive experimental(More)
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