Jianzhuan Wu

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and Magnus described generators for the kernel of the canonical epimorphism from the automorphism group of F n to the general linear group over the integers. In particular among them are the automorphisms χ k,i which conjugate the generator x k by the generator x i leaving the x j fixed for j = k. A computation of the cohomology ring as well as the Lie(More)
The strong chromatic index of a graph G is the minimum integer k such that the edge set of G can be partitioned into k induced matchings. Faudree et al. (1990) 205–211] proposed an open problem: If G is bipartite and if for each edge x y ∈ E(G), d(x) + d(y) ≤ 5, then sχ (G) ≤ 6. Let H 0 be the graph obtained from a 5-cycle by adding a new vertex and joining(More)
In this article, we investigate the functors from modules to modules that occur as the summands of tensor powers and the functors from modules to Hopf algebras that occur as natural coalgebra summands of tensor algebras. The main results provide some explicit natural coalgebra summands of tensor algebras. As a consequence, we obtain some decompositions of(More)