Jianzhong Zhang

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C. A (t,n) multi-secret sharing scheme, Applied Mathematics and Computation 151 (2004) 483–490] proposed an efficient multi-secret sharing scheme based on a two-variable one-way function in 2004. But the scheme doesn't have the property of verification. A practical verifiable multi-secret sharing scheme, which is based on the YCH scheme and the(More)
In a (t, n) threshold proxy signature scheme, an original signer can delegate the signature authority to a proxy group of n member such that t or more than t proxy signers can cooperatively sign messages on behalf of the original signer, but t − 1 or fewer proxy signers cannot generate a valid proxy signature. In this paper, we review the security of C. L.(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are widely investigated in clinical researches to treat various diseases. Classic culture medium for MSCs, even for clinical use, contains fetal bovine serum. The serum-containing medium (SCM) seems a major obstacle for MSCs-related therapies due to the risk of contamination of infectious pathogens. Some studies showed that(More)
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