Jianzhong Zhang

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Distribution Envelope Determination (DEnv) is a method for computing the CDFs of random variables whose samples are a function of samples of other random variable(s), termed inputs. DEnv computes envelopes around these CDFs when there is uncertainty about the precise form of the probability distribution describing any input. For example, inputs whose(More)
Uncertainty is a key issue in decision analysis and other kinds of applications. Researchers have developed a number of approaches to address computations on uncertain quantities. When doing arithmetic operations on random variables, an important question has to be considered: the dependency relationships among the variables. In practice, we often have(More)
Characterizing the distribution of times to failure in 2-component systems is an important special case of a more general problem, finding the distribution of a function of random variables. Advances in this area are relevant to reliability as well as other fields, and influential papers on the topic have appeared in the reliability field over a span of(More)
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