Jianzhong Gu

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Based on the Eigen and Crow-Kimura models with a single peak fitness landscape, we propose that the fitness values of all molecules be Gaussian distributed random variables to incorporate the fluctuation effects of the fitness landscapes (noise of environments). And we investigate the quasispecies distribution and error threshold using ensemble average(More)
By means of the nonlinear modelling technique, we find the nonlinear deterministic structures in the totally 4737 human promoter sequences. These deterministic structures prefer to occur much more outside of a special region around the transcriptional start site. The number and positions of the deterministic structures are basically different for different(More)
We consider a single state stochastically coupled to its stochastic background states. The fluctuation of the strength function of the single state is systematically studied. We find that the upper and lower deviations of the strength function only depend on the ratio of the spreading width over the decay width of the single state and on the ratio of the(More)
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