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Effects of different selenium sources on tissue selenium concentrations, blood GSH-Px activities and plasma interleukin levels in finishing lambs
Thirty-two wether lambs of Tan sheep were randomly assigned into four dietary treatment groups (eight per group) for an 8-wk study and then fed a basal diet deficient in Se (0.06 mg/kg) or dietsExpand
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Design and performance characterization of a fibre optical sensor for liquid level monitoring
In order to continuously monitor liquid level in petroleum and chemical industries, a fibre optical sensor based on a microbend effect was designed and manufactured. The sensor is composed of aExpand
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Characterization of the microstructures and mechanical properties of 25CrMo48V martensitic steel tempered at different times
Abstract The microstructures of 25CrMo48V martensitic steel quenched ( Q ) at 900 °C and tempered ( T ) at 650 °C for 5–105 min were characterized by transmission electron microscope (TEM). TheExpand
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Full distributed fiber optical sensor for intrusion detection in application to buried pipelines
Based on the microbend effect of optical fiber, a distributed sensor for real-time continuous monitoring of intrusion in application to buried pipelines is proposed. The sensing element is a longExpand
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System simulation and reliability assessment of Chinese carbon sequestration market
We build a simulation of Chinese carbon sequestration market (CSM) based on the Swarm platform and complex adaptive system (CAS) theory. Expand
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[Determination of selenomethionine in selenium-enriched yeast by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry].
A method has been developed for the determination of selenomethionine in selenium-enriched yeast by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Three extraction methods were compared for extractionExpand
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Implementation of a simulation platform for BCM with xPC target
Today, applications of HiL (Hardware in the Loop) has been proven indispensable for its low cost and good real-time performance. However, video monitoring system also need be imported for monitoringExpand
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Reliability Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Market Simulation
This paper focuses on China Carbon Sequestration Market (CSM) and establishes the reliability assessment index frame of Carbon Sequestration Market simulation. It draws the conclusion that the CSMExpand
Empirical Research on the Developmental Status of Farmer Cooperatives’ Function
In the paper, members in farmer cooperatives are selected as investigation subjects. By using furry synthetic evaluation methods, functions of farmer cooperatives, which include six functions asExpand
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A High G Accelerometer Based on SOI Piezoresistive Material With Cantilever Beam
A high g accelerometer based on Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) piezoresistive material with cantilever beam is described, which can measure the acceleration up to 105 g. The excellent electrical andExpand