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The photovoltaic (PV) panel produces the maximum power as the incident angle of sunlight is 90°. In this paper, two-axis sun-tracking system keeps PV panel perpendicular to sun light by absolute and relative position sensors signal analysis. It is composed of micro-controller, solar illumination sensor, solar position sensors, stepper motors and(More)
An offset algorithm is important to the contour-parallel tool path generation process. Usually, it is necessary to offset with islands. In this paper a new offset algorithm for a 2D point-sequence curve (PS-curve) with multiple islands is presented. The algorithm consists of three sub-processes, the islands bridging process, the raw offset curve generation(More)
Thermoelectric energy harvesting is emerging as a promising alternative energy source to drive wireless sensors in mechanical systems. Typically, the waste heat from spindle units in machine tools creates potential for thermoelectric generation. However, the problem of low and fluctuant ambient temperature differences in spindle units limits the application(More)
• Uniform scallop tool path has been generated via cutting simulation. • Grass/CC rings are calculated both in parametric and 3D Euclidean space. • Optimized methods are used to fast calculate the grass/CC ring. • The method is free of local geometry assumptions; thus is more precise. • The method is generic for any cutter, parametric surface and tool path(More)
As the biocompatible materials, hydrogels have been widely used in three- dimensional (3D) bioprinting/organ printing to load cell for tissue engineering. It is important to precisely control hydrogels deposition during printing the mimic organ structures. However, the printability of hydrogels about printing parameters is seldom addressed. In this paper,(More)
To reduce the influence of the geometric error on machining precision of CNC machine, a new method based on multi-body system theory and the laser sequential step diagonal vector measurement method to distinguish the geometric errors of CNC machine tool was presented. Firstly geometric errors modeling of CNC machine tool based on multi-body system theory(More)