Jianzhen Jenny Zhang

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The ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter superfamily is the largest transporter gene family responsible for transporting specific molecules across lipid membranes in all living organisms. In insects, ABC transporters not only have important functions in molecule transport, but also play roles in insecticide resistance, metabolism and development. From the(More)
Chitin synthases are crucial enzymes responsible for chitin biosynthesis in fungi, nematodes and arthropods. We characterized two alternative splicing-derived variants of chitin synthase 1 gene (LmCHS1) from the oriental migratory locust, Locusta migratoria manilensis (Meyen). Each cDNA of the two variants (LmCHS1A and LmCHS1B) consists of 5116 nucleotides(More)
Eleven cDNAs encoding glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) were sequenced and characterized in Chironomus tentans, an ecologically important aquatic midge. Phylogenetic analysis revealed seven GSTs in three different cytosolic classes including 4 in sigma (CtGSTs1, CtGSTs2, CtGSTs3, CtGSTs4), 2 in delta (CtGSTd1, CtGSTd2), and 1 in omega (CtGSTo1). The(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess how well prior academic performance, admission tests, and interviews predict academic performance in a graduate medical school. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Analysis of academic performance of 706 students in three consecutive cohorts of the 4-year graduate-entry medical program at the University of Queensland. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
Carboxylesterases (CarEs) play key roles in metabolism of specific hormones and detoxification of dietary and environmental xenobiotics in insects. We sequenced and characterized CarE cDNAs putatively derived from two different genes named LmCesA1 and LmCesA2 from the migratory locust, Locusta migratoria, one of the most important agricultural pests in the(More)
Chitin synthase (EC is a crucial enzyme responsible for chitin biosynthesis in all chitin-containing organisms. This paper reports a complete cDNA encoding chitin synthase 1 (AqCHS1), change of AqCHS1 mRNA level in response to diflubenzuron exposure, and concentration-dependent effect of diflubenzuron on chitin synthesis in the common malaria(More)
Chitinase is an important enzyme responsible for chitin metabolism in a wide range of organisms including bacteria, yeasts and other fungi, nematodes and arthropods. However, current knowledge on chitinolytic enzymes, especially their structures, functions and regulation is very limited. In this study we have identified 20 chitinase and chitinase-like genes(More)
The rice grasshopper, Oxya hyla intricata, is a rice pest in Southeast Asia. In this study, population genetic diversity and structure of this Oxya species was examined using both DNA sequences and AFLP technology. The samples of 12 populations were collected from four Southeast Asian countries, among which 175 individuals were analysed using mitochondrial(More)
Chitin synthase (CHS) represents an attractive target site for combating insect pests as insect growth and development are strictly dependent on precisely tuned chitin biosynthesis and this pathway is absent in humans and other vertebrates. Current knowledge on CHS in insects, especially their structures, functions, and regulations is still very limited. We(More)
BACKGROUND Synthetic pyrethroids are the primary insecticides that are widely used for controlling Locusta migratoria manilensis (Meyen), a major pest in eastern and southern Asia and the Pacific region. In this paper, ten cDNAs encoding glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) were sequenced and characterised in L. migratoria manilensis. The effects of(More)