Jianzeng Xu

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This paper investigates the electromagnetic performance of an 18-slot/10-pole fractional-slot surface-mounted permanent-magnet (SPM) machine and compares its performance with conventional fractional-slot 9-slot/10-pole, 12-slot/10-pole, and integer-slot 30-slot/10-pole SPM machines by 2-D finite-element (FE) analysis (FEA). The winding factors of the(More)
Performance of a conventional phase detector implemented using analog circuitry is affected by, among other factors, the parameter value drifting of the analog components with environment (e.g., temperature) and time (i.e., aging). It is also adversely impacted by electromagnetic interferences likely existing in the analog circuits when the detector(More)
In this paper a detailed analysis for how the number of flip-flops and latches inserted are effecting BER and repeater size with wire pipelining is performed. Since number of flip-flops, latches and repeater sizes cannot scaled down beyond a certain limit due to the solidity requirement, which is determined by maximum allowable bit error rate.
According to noise sources of optoelectronic coupled devices (OCDs) and device reliability estimation method, a screening threshold is proposed for OCDs, which can be used to screen potential devices with excess noise, such as 1/f, g–r and burst noise. By this method, the device reliability can be improved and high reliability requirements can be met. The(More)
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