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Software process improvement seeks for better methods and techniques to develop quality products with reduced time. A prerequisite for this is to understand the current status and problems. In this paper we present a survey that gives an overall picture of the status in the development of Web-based systems. We investigated how the recognized best practice(More)
Time pressure and quality issues bring new challenges for developing web-based systems. The ability to analyze quality early in the development lifecycle is crucial. Among the techniques suggested by the literature, few of them actually support early quality activities when little information about the system is available. We take robustness as a critically(More)
Fine root is an important part of the forest carbon cycle. The growth of fine roots is usually affected by forest intervention. This study aims to investigate the fine root mass, production, and turnover in the disturbed forest. The seasonal and vertical distributions of fine root (diameter ≤2 mm) were measured in a Chinese cork oak (Quercus variabilis(More)
Short time-to-market is an important requirement for developing web-based systems. Software architecture plays a critical role for time-to-market objective to be satisfied since it forms a blueprint for the system structure, indicating the principle loci of later activities such as detailed design and implementation. In particular, we need a novel way for(More)
Time pressure and quality issues are two main challenges facing today's Web development professionals. To achieve quick development of high-quality systems, a lot of methods and techniques have been proposed. A widely recognized strategy in current practice is to emphasize early quality assurance techniques, as the late detection of defects are well known(More)
Trauma associated with infection may directly trigger a neuroendocrine reaction in vivo while the hormone epinephrine is known to mediate immune responses to inflammation after injury. However, the role of epinephrine during the earliest stage of trauma still remains unclear. We therefore explored the role of epinephrine on activated macrophages under LPS(More)
Building large and complex Web applications is a difficult task. It involves graphical interfaces, navigational structures, business models and rules, software architecture and technologies, and many other aspects such as mobile communication. Furthermore, Web applications should be developed with short time. To deal with the extreme complexity, a good(More)
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