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Development of a multiplex polymerase chain reaction for simultaneous detection of wheat viruses and a phytoplasma in China
For the simultaneous detection and discrimination of these seven pathogens in wheat, a multiplex polymerase chain reaction (M-PCR) method was developed in this study through a series of parameter optimizations and indicates that the method can rapidly, simultaneously and relatively effectively detect BYDV-GAV,-GPV, -PAV, BSMV, WYMV, WDV and WBD. Expand
Detection and Identification of Elm Yellows Group Phytoplasma (16SrV) Associated with Alfalfa Witches’ Broom Disease
Sequence, phylogeny and RFLP analyses showed that the alfalfa witches’ broom disease was associated with a phytoplasma of group 16SrV, subgroup V-B, which is the first record of the 16SRV phy toplasma group infecting al falfa plants. Expand