Jianyun Liu

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De novo peptide sequencing is the only tool for extracting peptide sequences directly from tandem mass spectrometry (MS) data without any protein database. However, neither the accuracy nor the efficiency of de novo sequencing has been satisfactory, mainly due to incomplete fragmentation information in experimental spectra. Recent advancement in MS(More)
CD1d molecules are structurally similar to MHC class I, but present lipid antigens as opposed to peptides. Here, we show that MHC class I molecules physically associate with (and regulate the functional expression of) mouse CD1d on the surface of cells. Low pH (3.0) acid stripping of MHC class I molecules resulted in increased surface expression of murine(More)
Short message service (SMS) is now becoming an indispensable way of social communication, and the problem of mobile spam is getting increasingly serious. We propose a novel approach for spam messages detection. Instead of conventional methods that focus on keywords or flow rate filtering, our system is based on mining under a more robust structure: the(More)
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