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Intermediate online targeted advertising (IOTA) is a new business model for online targeted advertising. Posting the right banner advertisement to the right web user at the right time is what advertisements allocation does in IOTA business model. This research uses probability theory to build a theoretical model based on Bayesian network to optimize(More)
This paper proposed a modeling method applied to representation of the supply chain process which is prerequisite to supply chain process performance measurement and optimization. This method integrates the grammatical approach with some models that can represent dynamic supply chain process. The design of the modeling method includes four parts: the(More)
With the fast growth of B2B sales, an intelligent system is greatly useful for decreasing transaction cost and increasing market efficiency on electronic platforms. In order to improve the quality of transaction processing and customer experience, this paper proposes a knowledge-based system, which employs a Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) technique for trade(More)
  • Abhijeet Shingade, Adesh Atole, +15 authors Xiaowen Wang
  • 2015
Many businesses have advertisement as their primary source of revenue. Print and Audio Visual media are on forefront in this area. In today's technology obsessed world, advertisement also forms a major source of revenue for service providers, app developers who work on mobile platforms. Advertisement on mobile platforms differs a lot from traditional(More)
More and more companies are now beginning to recognize the benefits of systematically managing their processes. It will require specially designed electronic repositories to help define, track and share knowledge about business processes. This paper presents a knowledge-based system for managing the processes of a company. The architecture of the system is(More)