Jianyong Shi

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a r t i c l e i n f o It is an important issue that all occupants should be able to evacuate to safety from large public buildings under fire conditions. In this paper, a system simulation model is presented, in which a physical model and a mathematical model are included. Based on the agent technology, a computer program is developed to simulate and(More)
The correct and quick evacuation of occupants is very important for the save of lives in a public building when it is attacked by a fire. However, it is difficult to train the occupants for evacuation in a real environment since it is dangerous and expensive. This paper presents a virtual reality system developed by the authors for the simulation of(More)
A sudden social crowd event is serious to public safety as it usually triggers huge number of people who are overwhelming to existing public facilities. Detection, early warning of such social crowd events is very important to the city administration but a very challenging problem in research. In this paper, we aim to solve this problem by using the(More)
The total compression of municipal solid waste (MSW) consists of primary, secondary, and decomposition compressions. It is usually difficult to distinguish between the three parts of compressions. In this study, the odeometer test was used to distinguish between the primary and secondary compressions to determine the primary and secondary compression(More)
In this paper, an agent-based simulation model is presented to simulate occupant evacuation in fire environment. Based on the agent technology, a computer program is developed to simulate and analyze the egress progress in large public buildings. Through simulation, the occupant behaviors and fire safety performance of different architecture plans can be(More)
A new model entitled the coupled mechanical-hydraulic-gaseous effect and biochemical degradation for municipal solid waste (MSW) is proposed to simulate and predict the MSW settlement in this study. The coupled model can be used to simulate and predict the distributions of gas and water pressure as well as total waste settlement. Model verification(More)
In order to be safely used in the 2008 Olympic Games, the currently existing gymnasiums should be taken for evaluating their safety of utilization. As the structural analysis and fire simulation have been developed to work separately in previous works, the normal loads and fire actions have not been able to be taken into account together. This paper(More)
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